Gold jewelry whitening secrets and Treatment

Why gold jewelry will be white?

This is because gold jewelry whitening and environment Hg (mercury) related to the concentration – gold jewelry exposed to Hg-containing material elements, react to produce white gold mercury compounds. Mainly in the form of liquid and gaseous presence in our daily lives. (Chemistry: gold amalgam of Au wetting ability better than many metals, because Hg can selectively wet Au diffusion to the interior, replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry while the air enriched with trace Hg Hg higher temperature to. Au deep gradually spread generate Au2Hg, until the resulting Au3Hg solid, gold amalgam, it is non-toxic.)

Gold Jewelry

There are several possible gold jewelry whitening

1, there is mercury in the environment. 2, gold jewelry met mercury. 3, cosmetics containing mercury.

The first two are accidental, not the probability, but the third case is very common. Therefore, careful you will find: gold jewelry whitening phenomenon occurs in the vast majority of those the beauty of women who rarely appears in men’s body. Most women Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry knockoffs use cosmetics mercury content contained in the whitening effect, gold jewelry which absorbs trace elemental mercury, a long time, gold jewelry appeared whitening phenomenon.

Where there is life, “mercury”

Life commonly used mercury thermometers, barometers, vapor lamps, the mercury sphygmomanometer and other manufacturing, cosmetics (Hg freckle and whitening), drugs, fungicides, shower gel, perfume, hair spray, air, fluorescent tubes, disposable knockoff Van Cleef Arpels jewelry batteries , moisture and the like will have mercury. Without attention to the product in contact with the gold, it will form a gold amalgam. So that the gold surface of the product color white, brittle texture, if larger dropped even be broken.

How to make white gold jewelry to restore true colors

Proposal, if encountered such a situation, it is best to find a local replica jewelry gold shop processing. Take white gold jewelry to local gold shop to heat treatment with a professional guns, because mercury is very low melting point, in the heat treatment, the mercury will volatilize immediately restore the true colors of gold jewelry.


1, do not burn with fire machine;

2, after treatment did not affect the original gold fineness.