collectibles industry will become a vital force in the consumer sector, from major domestic and foreign giants, collectors will be the main focus in China, large and high-quality

Favorite industry market a miracle, Jingdong admiration city jade jewelry, antiques miscellaneous single market occupancy rate during the month occupancy rate reaching an unprecedented level. According to Mr. Ma, general manager Jingdong admiration widely from city said: Jingdong paintings antiques to create the first brand to create the first market Jingdong paintings antiques, paintings antiques Jingdong to build the first aircraft carrier. It is our resolve, we have such confidence. Professional management of high-end wine and high-end collectibles replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry Beijing International Trade Co., Ltd. Zhang Xiao a total also on the prospects for the development of high-end collectibles market is very promising, coins, stamps and other collectibles sales rose significantly compared with previous years.

Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow Renhao Ning believes that the rise of the collection industry is the trend, increase industry concentration, the diversification of the focus of competition, the important function of modern logistics system gradually emerged, collectibles industry will become a vital force in the consumer sector, from major domestic and foreign giants, collectors will be the main focus in China, large and high-quality consumer groups will lead the collectibles market blowout state, “thirteen five” period, the domestic industry, the core collection index is expected to rise more than 30% occurred.

Industry concentration to enhance: a substantial increase in the number of sectors involved in the collection companies, while medium-sized enterprises in the overall strength has increasingly improved, industry concentration will be reflected in the leading enterprises in the industry’s influence, the industry benchmark will be more clear, small businesses , agents, service providers will focus on leading enterprises replica Van Cleef jewelry attached to the side, part of the work in the industry chain, in order to get good economic returns. Collectibles industry will show a contending situation, various types of enterprises can have a share from the field, industry structure optimization adjustment will make the whole industry to achieve a virtuous circle.

Diversification focus of competition: the core competitiveness of collectibles industry is reflected in the value of their collections, traditional antique jade, modern high-end collectibles comparability between not great, each collection has a unique cultural heritage and the specific value of expression. Traditional collectibles occupy most of the market space, while modern high-end collectibles will also be showing blowout knockoff Hermes jewelry situation, high-end liquor, high-end wine, a special souvenir inherent in market value are recognized young people. The focus of competition will be large and diversified group of companies better opportunities for development, and to a small but based on the country’s small and medium enterprises will also usher in a period of rapid growth.

Efficient logistics and distribution system: the paste after sales service and efficient distribution system, improve product maintenance knowledge is a modern collection of enterprises is essential basic conditions, the rise of modern logistics replica Hermes bracelet enamel¬†center has accelerated the rate of collection of their liquidity, while ensuring the safety of the product, but also help enterprises to obtain a comprehensive and detailed market information. “The logistics world” will be the motto of the collection industry, 020 mode collectibles business impact will be manifested, among domestic traders, international traders, store hares relationship will become more blurred.

Collectibles industry is “Accumulate” Industry, in replica Hermes Clic Clac H bracelet¬†gathering many years of effective precipitation, the industry will be showing a new momentum and a favorable market environment, the collection will gradually from “niche industry” to “public industries”, ” National industry “transition.