Online store to buy loose diamonds with ring care

Recently gold prices rise, the heat receded to buy gold, to coincide with Mother’s Day, some consumers are turning to diamonds. Buy diamonds, to increase the value of it? Reporters noted that recent diamond franchise businesses replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry┬áplay a “three-year commitment to repurchase 10% of the value” slogan, which attracted many people.

Consumer experience: online store to buy loose diamonds with ring care

Reporters in a diamond 4C Experience Center to see the interview, due to the opening coincides with Mother’s Day, many people choose to come to the Advisory diamond related products. “Mom had wanted to buy gold jewelry, but recently prices rise a lot, plus replica Van Cleef and arpels bracelet she has a lot of gold jewelry, so plans to buy her a Mother’s Day diamond jewelry.” Guo public representation.

“Consumers can first visit the website, choose their favorite loose diamonds, then to the experience center select or customize a personalized ring care.” The experience center responsible person said, because to avoid the large number of Distribution and inventory costs, and experience center in the office, the shops along the street is not high rents, plus purchase diamonds directly from overseas suppliers cut hands, eliminating the imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry need for other intermediate links, so more cost-effective diamond final consumers are only,. In addition, in its official website the public to buy diamond products also enjoy credit card installments, can choose three or six points, do not charge interest.

Interview that, in the country, the net purchase of diamonds is not common, but in foreign countries has become the choice of many consumers, is also a well-known foreign diamond electricity supplier to China opened a free shipping service.

Market Status: Diamond prices rose 7% -15% per year

It is understood that most of the sales of diamond jewelry from a few Hermes jewelry konckoffs┬áthousand dollars to several thousand dollars, with wedding ring, for example, the price in the million or so, there are up to 70,000 yuan; set with small diamonds on the ring in the 2000-4000 yuan / month range; earrings price is around 2,000 yuan a pair. “I heard this diamond rose gold is also more stable than it, buy back, not only beautiful but also increasing the value.” Miss Bai Lingdu representation.

Insiders said: “Diamond unlike gold, rose not decline substantially 7% -15% annual rate of growth.” Interview was informed that, because of a stable store of value, appreciation function, to provide consumers with the brand a “small-for-big” service, in simple terms, it is assumed consumers had purchased a $ 5,000 diamond ring, the latter eyeing the $ 10,000 to make up the difference 5000 yuan will be replica vca bracelet able to get a new ring.

Some people proposed to buy a diamond ring much better hedge against inflation, appreciation of the problem, China University of Geosciences Professor jewelry Guo Ying said that want to achieve the purpose of revaluation, it is recommended to choose more than 1 carat.

There is no market price: 3-year business commitment to repurchase 10% appreciation

The public wants to invest in diamonds, the most concerned about is the realization and appreciation of space channels. So top diamond brand for loose diamonds launch promises “3 years 10% appreciation of repurchase” of.

For a long time, usually only diamonds in domestic liquidity through auctions or pawn channels, “the auction mainly for larger value, or more specific in itself relatively rare diamonds; and pawn channels can only get back 60% of the original principal amount of diamonds, most are around 50%, the value of diamonds and therefore have no market price, so we launched three years 10% of the value of the buy-back commitments and repurchase agreements signed at the time of the sale directly to the customer. “