Specifically, lipstick as a “cheap non essential thing”, can play a “comfort” role to consumers

For the Chinese art auction market, this year’s “winter” is not easy. Although the painting and calligraphy market price still in there, the overall market is still in the doldrums and in this year’s autumn auction, we can see the replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry auction began to rise. And in the eyes of the market, this may be the art auction market lipstick effect”
“Lipstick effect” is a name in economics. Specifically, lipstick as a “cheap non essential thing”, can play a “comfort” role to consumers, especially soft and moist lipstick touch the lips of the moment. At the same time, due to no longer have the overheated investment and income is lower, the hands of the people but will appear “little spare cash, buy cheap non necessary”. In the industry view, under the current economic and market environment, the funds will be to avoid the high priced art, low-cost art turnover rate but higher, compared with the tens of millions and billions of painting and calligraphy, porcelain replica vca art, general jewelry not only lower prices and demonstrated by wear of collectors grade, which undoubtedly played a “comfort” of the role.
According to incomplete statistics, this year autumn auction, Hong Kong Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Tiancheng, mainland China Guardian, poly Beijing, Beijing Kuang, Shanghai Jing Hua, Shanghai Jiatai etc. auction houses have opened up a special jewelry auction. At the same time, we also see the major auction houses in the jewelry auction, have also launched a new variety.
In the year Tiancheng International Autumn Auction in, 25.79 KT natural Sri Lanka without the color processing cobalt spinel with diamond ring is ever sold at auction on the greatest discoloration cobalt spinel. Spinel color will appear blue in the sun, incandescent light replica Cartier jewelry showed purple, kind and charming; Christie’s Hong Kong autumn auction, “crimson flame” diamond crown vast audience. The diamond ring inlaid with a gold 15.4 carat pillow shaped natural Burmese pigeon blood ruby, in the history of Asian auction are very rare so big pigeon blood ruby and so on.
From the point of view of the auction market in recent years, the top jewelry record high prices can be said to mean that people are on the jewelry auction market to restore confidence, the seller believe senior jewelry may take replica Cartier jewelry a satisfactory price, and potential buyers are also on the high-end jewelry market prospects for the future confidence.
And the purchase of ordinary jewelry is just to wear compared to, jewelry  investment pay more attention to it in maintaining and increasing the value of the side, which requires the jewelry with perfect flawless and Zhenhan characteristics, which replica Cartier jewelry wholesale with the ordinary jewelry has a great difference. As investors, in addition to master the general knowledge to identify the quality of jewelry, but also to the international closer to the concept of jewelry investment. Especially now auction jewelry basically are configured the certificate, e.g., diamond certificate GIA, IGI, colored gemstones in the certificate a GRS, these certificates can undoubtedly in the greatest degree guarantee jewelry quality, but also makes the collectors for the jewelry to have better understanding.

Does the process have no value? For questions from reporters, White said, while depreciation and recovery of various jindian process are not value

At present, Taiyuan became popular hard gold jewelry, but the same weight than ordinary foot Jingui out a lot. This quietly popular high-priced hard gold in the end is what? Whether the investment value?

Style and creativity is a selling point

May 12, more than gold shop in Taiyuan reporters found that each brand gold counters are hard gold jewelry sales. Most of these ornaments in the shape of three-dimensional cartoon characters, monkeys, horses, pigs and other zodiac based. Located in Taiyuan Jiefang Square Ming expensive jewelry store, a door counter placed hard gold pendants of various shapes. A shopping guide, and now, hard gold jewelry is more popular, almost each gold shop are sold, not only because of the high hardness of hard gold, but also because of the strong sense of three-dimensional hard gold jewelry, stylish changeable. “Indeed, I like hard gold jewelry. This does not, little nephew’s birthday Cartier jewelry knockoffs next month, come and pick zodiac pendant as a gift.” The people Ms. Wang told reporters while while choosing a gift, gold low hardness, Common gold jewelry style too monotonous, as diverse exquisite 18K gold jewelry, but lower purity gold jewelry 18K gold, so hard gold jewelry not only meet her gold purity requirements, but also meet the requirements of her jewelry style, and not easy to scratch, deformation, wear and maintenance more convenient.

“Whether it is their own to wear or give as gifts, when consumers buy gold jewelry, like high purity, a little creativity, however, there is a major feature of hard gold is the ‘looks heavy’.” Chow Tai Fook, for example, reporters in a pro-Yin North Street store learned that the current CTF hottest selling hard gold lucky star baby series, relatively light weight, about two grams or 3 grams mostly a jewelry priced at 1,000 yuan -2500 yuan focus . Taiyuan Pingyang Road Sui Wah white gold shop Purchasing Guide, said the use of hard gold jewelry is actually an advanced hollow nano electroforming technology to produce goods, although the appearance look full abundance, they are Cartier replica jewelry actually hollow, very light, surface form is very smooth.

In the Sui Wah shop, a weight of only 2 grams of hard gold, there are five grams from the exterior looks so heavy, white store Purchasing Guide says, before she will find when selling gold jewelry, a large part consumers prefer large volume of gold jewelry, but the frustration bulky gold jewelry prices are generally high, so only second best to pick a small volume of gold jewelry. “Now, big body hard gold light visual characteristics, good to meet the purchasing needs of these people, this is also an important factor hard gold Qiaoxiao products, especially the unique shape single paragraph single hard gold jewelry more by the the consumers. ”

Hard gold jewelery higher fee

“This pendant a price, not by the gram, only sold by the piece.” In the pro-Yin North Chow Tai Fook gold shop, the reporter saw a seemingly pendant about 7 grams, the price stated on the label 2380 yuan, no specific labeling grams. A store Purchasing Guide says, hard gold jewelery fee is higher, so the price will be higher than ordinary gold jewelry. According to reporters the day the store gold price of 347 yuan / gram forget about the price of gold jewelry like ordinary about a 3 g (seemingly about 7 grams) of more than 1,000 yuan, but this gold jewelry 2380 the full price of yuan higher than ordinary gold jewelry more than 1,000 yuan. In the extraction Joaquin store, a section of hard gold pendants actual weight of about 2 grams of “one price” 1568 yuan, according to the store the day of gold jewelry price 329 yuan / gram basis, two grams of gold jewelry prices should 658 yuan, down conversion, which cost nearly a thousand dollars pendant technology, far beyond the general quality of gold processing fees.

In addition to pieces by way of sale, the number of gold shop will also sell hard to press the number of grams of gold jewelry, however, the reporter learned that, according to the number of grams of the hard sell gold jewelry, gold price is by the Cartier jewelry knockoffs day plus 30 yuan per gram -40 yuan fee, ranging from technology to count. In the new Cannon Mall Old Phoenix gold shop, the reporter saw a number of grams of gold pendant 2.1 grams of hard, When a reporter said to be purchasing this pendant, the store Purchasing Guide says, hard gold jewelry requires additional technology fee per g 35 yuan, that is to say, the reporter should take 362 yuan (gold shop day 327 yuan / gram, processing fees 35 yuan) per gram price purchasing this pendant. “Technology fee only have to pay 73.5 yuan, a little expensive.”

Purchasing Guide, said the store’s hard gold jewelry based on that day’s gold price plus technology fee is 362 yuan / gram price to sell. Afterward, the reporter visited several gold shop, various technology fee pricing different standards, in Binh Duong Trade City store hundred Thai gold, hard gold pendants, hard gold chain beads placed in the front of the counter. The store Purchasing Guide told reporters, hard gold jewelry using a special process, the processing fee of 30 yuan / gram, if the trade-in, press the same day the price of gold converted, just make up 25 yuan / gram -30 yuan / gram processing fee. However, reporters found that, Van Cleef & Arpels fake jewelry regardless of how to sell gold shop selling various hard gold jewelry to be much higher than the average price of a lot of gold jewelry.

Visit, the reporter randomly selected 10 people, six people said, do not understand the matter hard gold, and the remaining four members of the public have said, like hard gold jewelery but the price is slightly higher. Public Wang Fang said: “The hard gold jewelry style rich, from cartoon fake Van Cleef replica Arpels jewelry online shop characters to the zodiac, mascot, can always find a favorite style, and 4 grams of 10 grams can be worn effect, so it is hard like gold jewelry, in addition, from gold speaking, hard gold jewelry and gold jewelry as traditional, but the production process more complicated, so tens of dollars per gram increase processing fees as it should be, however, buy a larger number of grams of hard gold jewelry, the overall process paid or some high fees. ”

Hard Gold worthwhile investment

Hard gold jewelry for its beautiful fashion style favored by many consumers, but Silver Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replicas the cost of recycling is not so “beautiful” the.

Reporters found that hard gold jewelry and gold jewelry as common, according to the date and the specific number of grams of gold recovery, this way, the purchase fee paid by consumers in the recovery process would “evaporate”, and in addition to, various gold shop in the recovery of gold jewelry, it would have been charged, ranging from 30-40 yuan per gram depreciation, this way, they are only of hard gold jewelry discount a lot. In a 3-gram hard gold jewelry, for example, according replica Cartier Love jewelry to 30 yuan fee calculation process, as well as depreciation per gram of twenty or thirty dollars, in the trade, we will lose nearly two hundred dollars.

“Although gold has been the people’s minds hedge items, but as a collection of investment, in fact, hard gold is uneconomical.” Sui Wah white gold shop Purchasing Guide, said the advantages of hard gold jewelry is rich in technology, hardness, shape, comfortable to wear feeling sixty-seven Cartier jewelry replicas grams can make two or three grams, according to the total price of a single piece of visual effects and to consider, in fact, and not expensive. But to gold as an investment, not cost-effective, after all, hard gold jewelry special technique, we can not repair, only to trade and when trade only count the number of grams.

Does the process have no value? For questions from reporters, White said, while depreciation and recovery of various jindian process are not value. In addition, the value of gold craftsmen criteria are country has not yet introduced, including hard gold, including gold and fees replica Cartier jewelry actually not completely uniform, if only the pursuit of stylish consumers can choose hard gold jewelry, if the collection of investment gold, or recommend the purchase of investment gold bullion and other traditional products.

Old Phoenix Purchasing Guide, said hard gold product itself thin, wearing a process to avoid collision with hard objects sharp, broken or rotten hole if it appears beyond repair, lost the greatest value in use of hard gold jewelry, can only trade, then, high technology fee consumers pay before the time of purchase will “shrink.”

According to statistics, the exhibition Hong Kong enterprises accounted Sicheng, a huge lineup to buyers around demonstrating the prowess of Hong Kong jewelry

September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair grand opening was in AsiaWorld-Expo September 21, 2009 as one of the world’s largest jewelry exhibition, exhibition attracted 21 pavilions from around the world join the festivities, including Antwerp , Hong Kong, India, Italy, Sri Lanka, the United States and the international colored Gemstone Association, and Colombia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Shenzhen, China Pavilion is the first time to attend the show.
The exhibition extension up to seven days, and is divided into two periods, respectively, within 21 to 25 exhibited jewelry raw materials, design and packaging products in the AsiaWorld-Expo, while 23 to 27 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre display jewelry products. Among them, established in AsiaWorld-Expo Fine Gem Pavilion, Diamond Museum, Replica Hermes Jewelry Pearl HKCEC Hall and the establishment of Fine Design Pavilion, Jade Gallery, designer, DC attracted a lot of visitors were stopped, an array of fine jewelry order its dizzying. The exhibition at the new Museum of Fine Gem launched from around the world priceless gems, pearls, unique gem treasures shine, shine audience. Diamond Pavilion exhibition area of 15,000 square meters, large-scale, ranks first among the world’s. And in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Fine Design Pavilion was collecting the treasures buyers around the world, priceless jewels, watches, antiques, jewelry and other treasures, so that visitors were hooked. In the original design to promote and encourage the principles established designers participating designers, DC brought together about 30 jewelry designers from around the world, Replica Cartier Jewelry to show the charm of original works of shock.
According to statistics, the exhibition Hong Kong enterprises accounted Sicheng, a huge lineup to buyers around demonstrating the prowess of Hong Kong jewelry. And up to one hundred and twenty thousand square meters of exhibition area, more than 3000 exhibitors from around the world, as well as thermal support buyers, also a record, the success of the exhibition into an unprecedented climax.

A taste of the bride in the hair and earrings to match their brains

Earrings are a subtle detail to match the appropriate hairstyle, wedding day you absolutely can not choose the wrong earrings, because it is shown to the public your fashion sense. How different hair style earrings to match it? Xiao Bian today for you to choose four match, hoping for your wedding styling inspiration.

Section sweet romantic bride:

If you choose a romantic or curly hair big wave, so romantic and sweet earrings is your first choice, replica Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry you pick a small series of Tiffany & Co Tiffany heart-shaped earrings, long pendant earrings with long hair loose under do not worry earrings will be submerged in the hair below is representative of the natural heart-shaped romantic and passionate love, so that “love” sparkle when the swing, the most beautiful moment in life how not resist it?

Gorgeous Princess Bride paragraph:

Princess gives the impression that has white skin, Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica wearing a gorgeous court costumes, accessories have vivid colors and moving each piece is definitely the focus of the party, yes! Faberge pear-shaped diamond earrings is recommended to have a range of beautiful and elegant princess you! Pear-shaped lines of grace and elegance, with clever lines yet soft top, covered with Bling ~ Bling ~ Diamond, filling endless gorgeous. Shu Qi wedding ceremony hair, put on princess exclusive Corolla, shining between the ears so that you become the focus of a unique wedding.

Retro exotic models bride:

Mosaic on a white veil headdress handmade retro styling with a simple natural curly hair, create a retro style, replica Bvlgari jewelry decorative front of the forehead is not very Indian bride, that depends on a sense of it? If this shape with diamond earrings or jewelry would be too mix and match! It is recommended to choose this shape bride with ASULIKEIT this treasure cloisonne earrings at the wedding, so a bit more exotic novelty.

Sen Department of fresh money the bride:

Sen-based theme wedding theme is relatively neutral, Replica Cartier Jewelry so choose this wedding couple also tended to increase, forest department would choose the bride’s hair braided hair outside Garson Mori Department Department of hair, it is possible to create a kind of otherworldly feeling, van Cleef & Arpels in this small three flowers, fresh, and Sen Department of braided hair and all complement each other, is not immortal gas like a flower fairy ships full of it?

A full-featured unmanned vehicle reportedly also 30 years to the road

A full-featured unmanned vehicle reportedly also 30 years to the road, which is responsible for Google unmanned vehicle project in March this year, Chris Urmson said. If the government in the development of unmanned vehicles regulatory belated, then again, this time undoubtedly will be longer.

In order to urging the government policy on a little faster, Cartier Replica Jewelry five are in the process of development of unmanned vehicle technology companies on Tuesday to form a new organization – to make the streets safer unmanned Union, five companies including Google, two carmakers Ford, Volvo, as well as two taxi service Uber and Lyft.

This is a lobbying team. Team leader is David Strickland (David Strickland), Cartier Jewelry Replica who will serve as the new union legal adviser and spokesman. Earlier, he worked for the Federal Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) work, that is, Strickland on behalf of the five companies to lobby the former owner.

The biggest advocates of this new alliance, or in the unmanned vehicle safety. Strickland said: “US unmanned technology will make the road becomes safe, but also to reduce congestion.” It also had to advertise with Google unmanned vehicle selling almost the same, think the technology can reduce traffic accidents United States happened.

According to the US Department of Transportation (DoT) in January of this year, Minister Anthony Foxx statement, the US Department of Transportation will launch a guide Ordinance 7 months ago, and continue to listen to opinions from all sides to perfect the next time. Even if the final nationwide regulatory distant future, but six months to develop preliminary guidance regulations, still looked relatively fast.

Not everyone is optimistic about the unmanned vehicle technology. Federal Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that the head of Mark Rosekind, unmanned vehicles to increase their security, Replica Cartier Jewelry it would also bring new risks. At the first hearing on the 8th of this month, there are a lot of people also have such concerns, including that early unmanned vehicles could be used by terrorists to make weapons.

Balance these concerns and continue to promote technology companies, it is one of the efforts of the US government to do. Unmanned vehicle technology from the biggest promoter of Google’s perspective, and the other four companies formed an alliance means that Google seems to have an unmanned vehicle on the law in this matter the government began to compromise. Previously, Google unmanned vehicle but that the need for additional legislation.

Nostalgia is a feeling ,the young remain they are just in time for this year’s fashion

Nostalgia is a feeling, probably because of your youth players a bit retired packaged together as well, we can say goodbye to the young, but the young remain in the memory of the way you can continue to stay, we summarize those for you, “childhood” through retro single product, best of all, they are just in time for this year’s fashion.

Sea-striped shirt:
Sea-striped shirt is actually “Breton striped shirt,” which was originally born in 1858, the school called “British fringe” (Breton stripes). Horizontal stripes in the vast expanse of the sea is very eye-catching, it was stationed in the nickname “Little Britain” in Brittany (Brittany) on French Navy preferably uniform. Which is why, it seems striped shirt comes with the “French style” (well-known French striped shirt can in no way inferior to the French stick bread), if you want to pursue, “I did not dress, I was just born good-looking” effect, Van cleef & Arpels replica Jewelry,that you You can choose sea-striped shirt + jeans + flats standard Parisian dress, this trendy new naval wind momentum is high, it is worth trying a stripe shape.

White shoes:
Remember that we bow a pair of white shoes feet are stepping on the era? Can make you one second return to school days, is a pair of white sneakers, in addition to its own youthful, wild comfort is the main reason for the fashion circle back. Not recommended with too much sports, leisure clothes, dress or you can try with the “official” mix and match clothing in a unique fashion sense. Replica Cartier Jewelry The year of “national Shoes” leap now seems to have referred to a “wave” brand, or one pair of Converse “open smile” can bring you full of memories.

White T-shirt
Nothing is more simple than the white T-shirt wild single product, someone says “numerous world and a white T-shirt is enough.” White T-shirt Have a high cold, then had their gas, is the fashion circle “snake oil”, and who take all appropriate. Of course, in order to highlight feelings, you can select the paragraph retro print “shirt” Oversize outside put on a frock coat, Cartier Love Bracelet Replicas which is the “Sex and the City” Li Kaili classic style. Remember that if your white T-shirt has yellowed relax, or throw it away now, retro does not mean inferior.

denim jacket
Tannins coat should be left in the wardrobe and you can wear for a lifetime of a single product, it does not mean the retro “obsolete”, on the contrary these wild good to wear a single product, but there will always be “re-pop” when. Oversize retro feel with a heavy denim jacket is handsome girl’s favorite, you can spend a very pleasant surprise cheap to buy in vintage stores abroad. The arrival of summer, Amulette de Cartier Necklace with a soft dress has a “Safe movement” fashion sense.

Mom Jeans
“Mom Jeans” how the fire to see street beat to know. That’s jeans will not bring new Lycra Fabric elasticity, loose and comfortable pants and many more main. Waist, baggy jeans, though not as skinny as sexy to burst, made a distinctive casual style. The best method is to wear pants leg rolled up, legs want to look better, with a pair of high heels on it!

Spurs’ Championship Rings Keep Getting Bigger and Better

The San Antonio Spurs marked their fifth NBA title by raising a new banner and showing off their massive diamond-encrusted championship rings prior to their 2014-2015 season home opener against the Dallas Mavericks last Tuesday.

Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry Each 14-karat gold ring weighs more than three ounces and features diamonds with a total weight of 5.09 carats.

The Spurs’ big three — Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker — were excited to show off their rings during the pre-game ceremonies.

Every fan attending the opener took home a blingy one-size-fits-all commemorative ring — designed in base metal and glittering with what we assume are cubic zirconia or crystals.Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica – Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica.

Spurs fan Daniel Ortiz shared a photo on the Spurs’ Facebook page that demonstrates how the rings have gotten progressively larger with each championship. The team’s previous titles were in 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007.

Replica Cartier Jewelry – In a neat design twist by manufacturer Herff Jones, the right side of the ring has a custom feature that showcases the Spurs’ “Pounding the Rock” symbol with five sparks shooting out from the rock. Each player’s ring has from one to five extra diamonds coming off the sparks, depending how many times that player has been on a Spurs championship team.


Tips where to purchase jewelry

A lot of Cartier Love Jewelry designers are emerging today and further diversifies the kinds of jewelry that we see. The bad economy though empty safety deposit boxes as jewelry owners try to keep afloat amid the tough life. The situation brings a lot of excellent Replica Cartier Jewelry  finds to the auction houses where they are sold lower than their retail prices.

Mega gems like the biggest diamonds that we have ever seen in our lifetime holds their value. Today, these unique and rare jewelry pieces are practical portable forms of wealth so those who can afford them do everything to get hold of these super gems.
If you are planning to make your next purchase soon, here are some tips which may come handy:Try it before you buy Replica Cartier Love Bracelet.You can bid on the internet or over the phone for most auction houses but if you can try the jewelry, then by all means try it before writing a check for it. You cannot rely on photos or mere descriptions of the jewelry sets. You might have one impression seeing it on your monitor but may have a totally different vibes when you examine it on person.

Fresh designs

If you want the newest look and the trendy designs for your new Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet Replica jewelry pieces, then go to a retailer where you can be guaranteed of these things. The top brands scour the market for the best pieces and can assure you that they will only give you the best finds in the market today.

Luxury jewelry store

Getting your jewelry from known luxury places like Cartier may add some 25% to 40% to its tag price when auctioned. A lot of their pieces though are produced in volume. Some go for the brand name but others prefer a more original and rarer design.

Buying directly from a designer

Getting in touch with a jewelry designer gives you the best service and personalization. You can have things crafted to your taste or you can discuss what you want so the jewelry designer can come up with a unique item for you.

Why Buy Luxury Online?

Today the luxury market is performing well compared to other markets and remarkably better than it was just a few years ago, but why so suddenly? Online marketplaces and ease of access have made purchasing luxury simply effortless, somehow making the experience even more luxurious.

The term luxury is sometimes associated with unnecessary or frivolous. Although there may be a connotation to the term for some, there are many benefits of buying luxury goods, especially online. We believe that luxury isn’t exorbitant — it’s necessary, and here’s why.

Buy luxury cartier jewelry online


The markup isn’t superficial on many luxury goods. Though you may pay more money for a well-known luxury designer, you aren’t just paying for the label, you are also paying for the heritage.

Many luxury brands were founded with the purpose of delivering high-quality goods and over the decades, these values still remain. Cartier love jewelry did not become the “King of jewelers and jewelry to kings” by producing sup-par jewelry and accessories.

The high quality and fine craftsmanship also make luxury products and lasting investment. The items are meant to last for a long time, not deteriorate after a year. Many times, these products can become family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.

Slow Fashion

Cartier love braceletNot only are luxury products meant to last, but they are beautifully designed and meant to remain in fashion. When you invest in a luxury product, you are also buying a product that will remain in fashion for decades to come. The Cartier Love bracelet remains a highly-coveted and stylish accessory unchanged in the last 45 years. If only you had bought one in 1970 for $250!

Fast fashion is trendy and often poorly made. These designs are meant to last a season until new styles begin trending. When you spend your money on poorly-made items every fashion season, you end up spending more than you would if you had invested in a well-made luxury item.


Though some view luxury fashion as an investment in style, it’s also a real monetary investment. You can invest now and perhaps get a return after some time. Think of that $250 Cartier Love bracelet replica in 1970 — the same bracelet is worth over $6,000 today. Vintage pieces in good condition may also be worth more.

It’s also a wearable, beautiful and useful investment. The last stylishness and high quality craftsmanship make luxury goods a great investment for your wardrobe. Unchanging fashion staples will remain in use and in style for decades, meaning there’s no need to make the same purchase multiple times.

Saves Time and Effort

Time is a true luxury and online shopping has made shopping a quick and simple task. You can order your favorites from the office, during your commute or even at home in your pajamas. There’s no need to take time out of your schedule to visit the store and deal with the long sales pitches and rigamarole often associated with visiting a luxury shop. If you know what you want, then a few clicks online can save you a lot of time.

You can also save money by purchasing replica Cartier jewelry online. You have the option to research your item and vendor thoroughly before purchasing. This way you can be sure you get the best price and condition possible. You don’t have to depend on the sales associate to give the honest details about your purchase — they are all a quick online search away.