A taste of the bride in the hair and earrings to match their brains

Earrings are a subtle detail to match the appropriate hairstyle, wedding day you absolutely can not choose the wrong earrings, because it is shown to the public your fashion sense. How different hair style earrings to match it? Xiao Bian today for you to choose four match, hoping for your wedding styling inspiration.

Section sweet romantic bride:

If you choose a romantic or curly hair big wave, so romantic and sweet earrings is your first choice, replica Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry¬†you pick a small series of Tiffany & Co Tiffany heart-shaped earrings, long pendant earrings with long hair loose under do not worry earrings will be submerged in the hair below is representative of the natural heart-shaped romantic and passionate love, so that “love” sparkle when the swing, the most beautiful moment in life how not resist it?

Gorgeous Princess Bride paragraph:

Princess gives the impression that has white skin, Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica wearing a gorgeous court costumes, accessories have vivid colors and moving each piece is definitely the focus of the party, yes! Faberge pear-shaped diamond earrings is recommended to have a range of beautiful and elegant princess you! Pear-shaped lines of grace and elegance, with clever lines yet soft top, covered with Bling ~ Bling ~ Diamond, filling endless gorgeous. Shu Qi wedding ceremony hair, put on princess exclusive Corolla, shining between the ears so that you become the focus of a unique wedding.

Retro exotic models bride:

Mosaic on a white veil headdress handmade retro styling with a simple natural curly hair, create a retro style, replica Bvlgari jewelry decorative front of the forehead is not very Indian bride, that depends on a sense of it? If this shape with diamond earrings or jewelry would be too mix and match! It is recommended to choose this shape bride with ASULIKEIT this treasure cloisonne earrings at the wedding, so a bit more exotic novelty.

Sen Department of fresh money the bride:

Sen-based theme wedding theme is relatively neutral, Replica Cartier Jewelry so choose this wedding couple also tended to increase, forest department would choose the bride’s hair braided hair outside Garson Mori Department Department of hair, it is possible to create a kind of otherworldly feeling, van Cleef & Arpels in this small three flowers, fresh, and Sen Department of braided hair and all complement each other, is not immortal gas like a flower fairy ships full of it?