The so-called outside to see the seeds topaz is up a little better seed Qin yellow, jade not very good

Today, red, yellow, and Tianyu Cheng as the new darling of the market, where there is a market where there are fakes, and took Tian Huang Qin material, the dyeing of which there are many, and in 2004 appeared as the Huanglong, which has the Wada like topaz yellow jade, start “removed” and Tianhuang Yu in the market, it is hard to detect. The following will explain in detail the Tibetan Huanglong jade is posing and how Tianhuang Qin material.

Qin and Tian Huang

Many people want to collect seeds topaz, in fact, to tell you the true sense of the native seed topaz is actually non-existent, the reason is that, just as iron Qin color when pure interstitial lattice that will produce the kind replica Van Cleef Arpels of people like chestnut yellow or yellow chanterelles, if it is plain that the native lattice inside, the color must be yellow-green color, is the kind of material as yellow mouth yellow-green, the color does not look good. The so-called outside to see the seeds topaz is up a little better seed Qin yellow, jade not very good. But more of a slip stone, HuangLongYu like.

Huang Qin materials are seed material, color formation is a process of infiltration from outside to inside, from the late Qinru ferric ion dip coloration, because what we see is a yellow skin color Qinru more, even Qin full the entire material, the industry of the seed material floating on the surface of the skin color is called impregnation, the deeply ingrained seed material Qin Qin color is called material.

Talking about Topaz, a lot of friends will probably think of a similar name HuangLongYu. In fact, Huanglong is a quartzite quality jade, and nephrite Topaz and as completely not take sides. In mineralogy classification, Huanglong is Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry replicas a form of chalcedony, and later for the needs of the market, produced in Yunnan Baoshan Longling the yellow chalcedony named HuangLongYu.

HuangLongYu and many varieties of chalcedony not too clear on the distinction between the boundaries, so now on the market are many kinds of pipe colors are called Huanglong jade quartzite, not just yellow, but basically are yellow, red is positive the most expensive. Hot collection HuangLongYu originated in market speculation among consumers has not been a great audience.

In addition, posing as Huang Qin has a lot of material, kava stone, Horseshoe, Jade staining, dyeing serpentine rock and stiff seed staining, etc. on the market.

Kava stone (quartz) posing Huang Qin how to distinguish?

So how do we distinguish and Tianhuang Yu and HuangLongYu it? There are several ways:

And Tian Huangyu due to surface water infiltration of iron oxide fake Van Cleef Arpels jewelry yellow hue in the gap formed by the long-term. According chromaticity change named: dense sallow, chestnut yellow, okra yellow, yellow yellow, egg yolk and the like. Chroma thick dense sallow, yellow chestnut extremely rare, and HuangLongYu color except yellow and the red, white three colors.

And Tian Huangyu HuangLongYu and ingredients are not the same, and Tian Huangyu mainly tremolite mainly felt was like interleaved structure, mainly composed of silicon dioxide HuangLongYu muscovite, the main structure is massive structure, the Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry replicas strip structure, annular structure; Huanglong, compared to up relatively transparent.

Hetian Topaz hardness, 6.5, delicate texture, toughness, with a typical greasy luster, transparency is not high, but HuangLongYu hardness are higher than usual and Tian Huangyu to HuangLongYu hardness of 6.5-7, transparency Tian Huangyu ratio and high, both knockoff Van Cleef Arpels jewelry from the naked eye, and do not feel HuangLongYu Tianhuang Yu thick.

The relative density of 2.595-2.61 HuangLongYu, and the relative density of 2.90-3.10 Tianhuang Yu, the size of the same volume under Tianhuang Yu and heavier than HuangLongYu.

HuangLongYu speculation relatively large part, is quartz, which is a soft and nephrite jade. HuangLongYu material is quartz and chalcedony or quartzite, quartzite good texture can only be called quartzite jade. Because of widely distributed in nature, the price is not high, the collection be cautious. “Jade” in many different types, some value is not high, the Tibetan faithful need for vigilance.

Gold jewelry whitening secrets and Treatment

Why gold jewelry will be white?

This is because gold jewelry whitening and environment Hg (mercury) related to the concentration – gold jewelry exposed to Hg-containing material elements, react to produce white gold mercury compounds. Mainly in the form of liquid and gaseous presence in our daily lives. (Chemistry: gold amalgam of Au wetting ability better than many metals, because Hg can selectively wet Au diffusion to the interior, replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry while the air enriched with trace Hg Hg higher temperature to. Au deep gradually spread generate Au2Hg, until the resulting Au3Hg solid, gold amalgam, it is non-toxic.)

Gold Jewelry

There are several possible gold jewelry whitening

1, there is mercury in the environment. 2, gold jewelry met mercury. 3, cosmetics containing mercury.

The first two are accidental, not the probability, but the third case is very common. Therefore, careful you will find: gold jewelry whitening phenomenon occurs in the vast majority of those the beauty of women who rarely appears in men’s body. Most women Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry knockoffs use cosmetics mercury content contained in the whitening effect, gold jewelry which absorbs trace elemental mercury, a long time, gold jewelry appeared whitening phenomenon.

Where there is life, “mercury”

Life commonly used mercury thermometers, barometers, vapor lamps, the mercury sphygmomanometer and other manufacturing, cosmetics (Hg freckle and whitening), drugs, fungicides, shower gel, perfume, hair spray, air, fluorescent tubes, disposable knockoff Van Cleef Arpels jewelry batteries , moisture and the like will have mercury. Without attention to the product in contact with the gold, it will form a gold amalgam. So that the gold surface of the product color white, brittle texture, if larger dropped even be broken.

How to make white gold jewelry to restore true colors

Proposal, if encountered such a situation, it is best to find a local replica jewelry gold shop processing. Take white gold jewelry to local gold shop to heat treatment with a professional guns, because mercury is very low melting point, in the heat treatment, the mercury will volatilize immediately restore the true colors of gold jewelry.


1, do not burn with fire machine;

2, after treatment did not affect the original gold fineness.

Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Industry Association has recently been busy preparing for the upcoming September meeting of the Shenzhen International Jewellery Show

Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Industry Association has recently been busy preparing for the upcoming September meeting of the Shenzhen International Jewellery Show. The exhibition with the development of Shenzhen and China’s jewelry industry have gone through eight years during which China has become the industry benchmark jewelry, Chinese jewelry trends barometer. In order to guide the healthy development of the industry, the Shenzhen International Jewellery Show held at the beginning, the association will take up the responsibility to “promote independent research knockoff Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry and development, and take creative brand line,” the industry task. Today, Shenzhen jewelry industry, independent research and development, and many enterprises have intellectual property has become a conscious act, and the emphasis on creative design, reached an unprecedented height, independent, unique, personalized product design, it is becoming more multi-enterprise business pursuit.

In addition, the design industry status quo, lack of skilled personnel, Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Industry Association has launched a series of training technicians to work. Identification of the work in the jewelry Xiao Feng is one of the beneficiaries. She honors through skills training courses organized by the Association, he received the “Diamond inspector (Intermediate)” certificate, and got the chance to Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry imitations call in Shenzhen. She told reporters: “As an ordinary working person, I had never thought long can stay in Shenzhen, the training association let me get this windfall.”

Triggered a wave of creative design

Oriental culture to do high-end jewelry brand, make Chinese jewelry original design expertise, is TTF years has consistently adhere to the goal. Turning 2008CHINA International Jewelry Design Competition, TTF Wu Fenghua, president, Van Cleef Arpels jewelry replicas said, TTF hope that through this contest held in China can build a creative design as a symbol of the product chain in the industry in the international jewelry industry set off a wave of Chinese culture theme design trends.

When it comes to the importance of R & D and design, industry experts believe that the production is the lowest end of the value chain, research and development and design and high-end retail real, jewelry enterprises in the creative design to make its own characteristics. Take the international route and to strengthen the local Chinese original, it is not only the requirements of the times presented in year of 2008, but Cartier jewelry replicas also the needs of even the status quo of China jewelry industry in Shenzhen.

“In recent years, we are pleased to see that many Shenzhen jewelry enterprises through independent research and development, to form their own strong brand, in fierce competition in the market had accounted for a place. In this respect, it is for the Shenzhen jewelry creative culture opens a new situation, from Shenzhen ‘create’ Shenzhen ‘create’ Shenzhen jewelry industry is starting to take off twice. “on the future development of Shenzhen jewelry enterprises, president of Shenzhen gold jewelry industry Association, Xu Jin pool looked confident.