Van Cleef & Arpels limited edition diamond jewelry

Since 1956, Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replica has been the “Queen of Morocco Queen’s suppliers.” This is only to provide top-level suppliers can have the honor, embodies its jewelry production process in the supreme position. Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry knockoff from the true love story of the French top jewelry brand, in its 100 years of development history witnessed countless touching love legend; may also be so won the Monaco Chalon Princess’s favor … …

Best replica van cleef & arpels alhambra earrings

replica van cleef & arpels alhambra earringsThis time, Van Cleef & Arpels for Monaco Chalon Princess charity to create a limited edition of 15 sets of diamond jewelry, this jewelry with subtle changes in the re-interpretation of the brand’s iconic theme Fake Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Necklace series. The Alhambra series was born in 1968, is the classic style of Fake Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. This exquisite earrings and necklaces are lined with crystal clear diamonds and tender green turquoise, in the artisans swagger design ingenuity, reproduce the praise of the Alhambra series; people can not help but think of Monaco The beautiful blue coast of the United States, like the Royal Highness of the Royal Gray’s eyes, like the noble temperament blowing.

Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet copy keen insight into the natural rhythm of all things, to make the skills to create exciting eye-catching jewelry. In addition to its jewelry in the metal content to a minimum, to highlight the bright crystal jewelry; both jewelry front, or the back are shining ripples of glory. Complex, such as the honeycomb of the activities of the process, making this Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry even in the faint light can also be like a summer smile as bright and translucent.

It is reported that this part of the jewelry sales profit will be put into the Monaco Chalon Princess under the name of the community and the foundation; this Chalon Princess Alhambra series of jewelry will be Monaco Van Cleef & Arpels boutique exclusive sales

The so-called outside to see the seeds topaz is up a little better seed Qin yellow, jade not very good

Today, red, yellow, and Tianyu Cheng as the new darling of the market, where there is a market where there are fakes, and took Tian Huang Qin material, the dyeing of which there are many, and in 2004 appeared as the Huanglong, which has the Wada like topaz yellow jade, start “removed” and Tianhuang Yu in the market, it is hard to detect. The following will explain in detail the Tibetan Huanglong jade is posing and how Tianhuang Qin material.

Qin and Tian Huang

Many people want to collect seeds topaz, in fact, to tell you the true sense of the native seed topaz is actually non-existent, the reason is that, just as iron Qin color when pure interstitial lattice that will produce the kind replica Van Cleef Arpels of people like chestnut yellow or yellow chanterelles, if it is plain that the native lattice inside, the color must be yellow-green color, is the kind of material as yellow mouth yellow-green, the color does not look good. The so-called outside to see the seeds topaz is up a little better seed Qin yellow, jade not very good. But more of a slip stone, HuangLongYu like.

Huang Qin materials are seed material, color formation is a process of infiltration from outside to inside, from the late Qinru ferric ion dip coloration, because what we see is a yellow skin color Qinru more, even Qin full the entire material, the industry of the seed material floating on the surface of the skin color is called impregnation, the deeply ingrained seed material Qin Qin color is called material.

Talking about Topaz, a lot of friends will probably think of a similar name HuangLongYu. In fact, Huanglong is a quartzite quality jade, and nephrite Topaz and as completely not take sides. In mineralogy classification, Huanglong is Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry replicas a form of chalcedony, and later for the needs of the market, produced in Yunnan Baoshan Longling the yellow chalcedony named HuangLongYu.

HuangLongYu and many varieties of chalcedony not too clear on the distinction between the boundaries, so now on the market are many kinds of pipe colors are called Huanglong jade quartzite, not just yellow, but basically are yellow, red is positive the most expensive. Hot collection HuangLongYu originated in market speculation among consumers has not been a great audience.

In addition, posing as Huang Qin has a lot of material, kava stone, Horseshoe, Jade staining, dyeing serpentine rock and stiff seed staining, etc. on the market.

Kava stone (quartz) posing Huang Qin how to distinguish?

So how do we distinguish and Tianhuang Yu and HuangLongYu it? There are several ways:

And Tian Huangyu due to surface water infiltration of iron oxide fake Van Cleef Arpels jewelry yellow hue in the gap formed by the long-term. According chromaticity change named: dense sallow, chestnut yellow, okra yellow, yellow yellow, egg yolk and the like. Chroma thick dense sallow, yellow chestnut extremely rare, and HuangLongYu color except yellow and the red, white three colors.

And Tian Huangyu HuangLongYu and ingredients are not the same, and Tian Huangyu mainly tremolite mainly felt was like interleaved structure, mainly composed of silicon dioxide HuangLongYu muscovite, the main structure is massive structure, the Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry replicas strip structure, annular structure; Huanglong, compared to up relatively transparent.

Hetian Topaz hardness, 6.5, delicate texture, toughness, with a typical greasy luster, transparency is not high, but HuangLongYu hardness are higher than usual and Tian Huangyu to HuangLongYu hardness of 6.5-7, transparency Tian Huangyu ratio and high, both knockoff Van Cleef Arpels jewelry from the naked eye, and do not feel HuangLongYu Tianhuang Yu thick.

The relative density of 2.595-2.61 HuangLongYu, and the relative density of 2.90-3.10 Tianhuang Yu, the size of the same volume under Tianhuang Yu and heavier than HuangLongYu.

HuangLongYu speculation relatively large part, is quartz, which is a soft and nephrite jade. HuangLongYu material is quartz and chalcedony or quartzite, quartzite good texture can only be called quartzite jade. Because of widely distributed in nature, the price is not high, the collection be cautious. “Jade” in many different types, some value is not high, the Tibetan faithful need for vigilance.

in today’s jewelry, the gold is the real uncrowned king

First, the gold will be hot

Our essential attribute of the jewelry industry, gold jewelry because of its scarcity, the investment can be realized, they can bring a lot of people to force cells, sense of design, fashion, just icing on the cake. Unless there are other gold deposits were found (as high probability and meet aliens), in today’s jewelry, the gold is the real uncrowned king, who, as he remained stable as cash as quickly as he can, as he Like it assumed responsibility for world currencies.

This year on April 19 the world’s first yuan-denominated replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry gold reference price “Shanghai gold” centralized pricing contracts officially listed for trading, and ICBC Standard Bank and Commercial Bank of China under the command announced in July to acquire Barclays bank vault, said this Bank for Europe’s largest treasury, can store gold 2000 t …… Therefore, the next 10 years, the biggest opportunity the jewelry industry is gold, he would be the best idea of the jewelry industry profit, the Chinese renminbi internationalization to the force of arms, is the world currency hegemonic dispute biggest cards.

Second, the end of the 80% corporate reshuffle demise

China’s jewelry industry may go through three stages: the first is to be monopolized by a few brands and local businesses, services and products are relatively monotonous counter legacy consumption stage; the second is the category many online and offline interaction, fake Van Cleef Arpels jewelry competition with price wars customer pull, grab the market, making the brand a stage; the third stage and final stage, a return to the simple reason, boutique and feelings coexisting phases. China’s jewelry market is currently in the second phase of the transition period from the first stage, many companies will fall in the second stage, especially with jewelery consumption shift to new middle class consumption patterns to connected mobile terminal transfer, consumer focus will be more obvious, that the future of several companies a few products could occupy 80% market share on the type of product, while other companies have combined many products accounted for only 20% of the market share.

Future gold jewelry market, as has been the development of the home appliance market, like from a variety of brands such as river carp, as well as patterns, extremely versatile all kinds of gimmicks, return to the true simplicity and rationality, to the quality and feelings. Coupled with the Chinese jewelry industry production serious excess capacity and proven enterprise use of capital channel suppression, therefore, Van Cleef Arpels jewelry replicas in accordance with, and the development of other sectors of the domestic foreign markets, the final 80% of the existing jewelry brand will disappear within five years.

Third, the multi-dimensional pattern of brand monopoly

10 years after jewelry brands on the market will be left with what brand? The entire jewelry industry jewelry market structure will not be like home appliances, mobile phones and other industries, 5-10 mainstream brands accounted for more than 80% of the market, because the jewelry industry has characteristics different from other industries. Other industry’s most important quality is to use the value, knockoff Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry and the most important attribute of the jewelry industry is light luxury realizable property, financial property that is in some sense, gold and silver is very direct, the other diamonds, multicolored indirectly more. Jewelry industry and the financial system, is the presence of more than one dimension. So, in the future, China’s jewelry market structure it? 10 years after the division of the jewelry industry brand will be multi-dimensional.

10 years after the jewelry brand Chow Tai Fook is difficult to have, like gold, diamond, multicolored have done brand positioning will be more refined. Simply speaking, the jewelry market in the future will have multiple dimensions, each dimension will have a mature brand or alliance, these dimensions are now more than just the dimensions of our eyes, such as geography, category dimension, including jewelry financial, O2O field, intelligent the field of jewelry, custom private areas, cross-border alliances, jewelry media sector, electronic business platform jewelry, jewelry credit system, jewelry testing, non-profit industry field, the field of independent designers and design teams, supply chain …… each dimension or across several imitation Van Cleef Arpels jewelry dimensions appear mature monopoly or brand alliance, and now the number of brands may pattern after other monopoly industries is the same, 10 less mainstream brands accounted for more than 80% of the dimension of the market, but would like to appear as Chow Tai Fook such a comprehensive brand, it should be very difficult.