topaz earrings, shoot US $ 710,400 (about 5.6 million yuan) high prices.

Look at Crystal. Because of historical, cultural and other reasons, there is no famous diamonds, emeralds, etc., and the crystal in the world but has a wide range of awareness and acceptance. Compared with other investment diamonds, crystal purchase cost is relatively low, the differential is relatively simple and easy to start more investment, more suitable as a starting-level jewelry investments. And as long as the replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry collection well, you can reach and increase the value of the object. Crystal has long investment returns showed a steady growth trend, is currently a good time to invest. First, people are gradually understanding the value of Crystal and awareness, but awareness is not very high. Second, the crystal is not substantially market speculation over the price compared with foreign countries is still in the low, the future will have a greater appreciation potential.

In addition, with the constant improvement of knockoff Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry custom jewelry, the value of a given collection of investment products gradually been concern, but also a great investment value space. Any one of the senior custom jewelry is unique work of art, it gives more personalized jewelry symbolic and cultural value, the presentation of the form is completely different, be precious stone and by the hands of masters, more investment in collection significance. As in 2006, a Christie’s auction in Van Cleef and Arpels replica jewelry New York, designed by renowned jewelry designer Rosenthal and build a pair composed of silver and 18K rose gold, and set with rubies and diamonds, topaz earrings, shoot US $ 710,400 (about 5.6 million yuan) high prices.

Jewelry is an investment in knowledge, we need to have a lot of expertise in jewelry, but as an ordinary investor, to truly understand is not an easy task. In recent years, investment in the domestic jewelry market was mixed, some businesses shoddy, venture jewelry increased. In this case, investors need to be careful of jewelry, there are reputable companies and custom jewelry brand jewelry company is the right choice. Because clover necklace Van Cleef replica these companies regardless of product quality or service are relatively complete, it can effectively reduce the risk of investment jewelry.

Because many factors affect the color, purity, and other work by the value of the jewelry, therefore, investors must look for when buying jewelry certificate of authenticity to ensure the quality and value of precious stones. Most jewelry appraisal certificate, in addition to diamond certification, but are only to confirm the type and kind replica Van Cleef bracelet of jewelry, such as jewelry confirm natural or synthetic, whether through the optimization process, ruby red or garnet or red spinel stone and so on. For these investors make the right investment choices is very important. In addition, we determine the price of jewelry not only depends on the factors mentioned above, but also relates to the quality of the merits of Fengyun jewelry itself. As a real natural ruby, due to the difference in the quality of its color, transparency, defects, etc., we have a very poor price difference. Therefore, in the purchase of jewelry, if you are not allowed to see the quality of it, the best jewelry for some of its experts carefully evaluated. Particularly those of expensive precious jewels, effective assessment will greatly reduce the investment risk.