Cross in front of your choice, when their answers, both to meet another helpless

Getting Started, top with more advanced? To do this will tangle for a long time when you buy a car. Steel, gold, diamond; three-pin, chronograph, tourbillon …… these problems also watch a test of every consumer. Cross in front of your choice, when their answers, both to meet another helpless, and look forward to make up for the regret in the near future. Process, the brand’s goal is achieved.

Modern watches is an important commercial and manufacturing a ring, the major manufacturers in addition to the design, production, manufacturing exquisite products, in product development and marketing are also many techniques and rules to follow. Find out these laws, contribute to an objective understanding of industry status quo, to understand why those successful brand success. Benpian to explore the topic called “choice”, I like to have a drink with friends, for each type of wine on the wine list three to four options, the price from low to high. To accompany a friend to go, I will not choose the cheap wholesale Cartier jewelry cheapest wine, because to reflect respect for friends. Generally do not choose the most expensive wine, because friends will really stop you, you do not want to be too costly. Therefore, the probability of the price of wine in the wine list is selected is very high, it is the best selling. The automotive sector is also true, mainstream brands of cars basically have high, medium and low three levels, and each level will be high, and many sub-paragraph, low profile, interlocking, to meet the different on the surface customer demand, in fact, produced a magical effect consumers unable to stop. Unknown on the surface watches industry, after 30 years of Hermes jewelry replicas temper and modern capital of “quartz revolution” baptism in the 1970s, has long been familiar with all the modern brand marketing of the Road, dissect some famous brand products constituted, not difficult to find the mystery.

Multiple-choice questions on material

In 2013, the word “Tyrant” very popular with the local tyrant of the most suitable color is gold, so gold watch always gives the feeling of publicity. Some friends turned to pursue restrained perspective will invest 18K white gold and Cartier jewelry replicas wholesale platinum watch, but sometimes these two precious metals will be quipped: like watching with stainless steel. But as long as you carefully taste, precious metals that warm, subtle and deep color is completely stainless steel can not be replaced. The reason is simple, if 18K white gold and platinum and stainless steel looks really exactly the same, who would spend big bucks to buy these two precious metal tables? Better than the same Benz S-Class sedan, not difficult to find the difference between the S300 and S600 and distance, if such differences and distances not manifest, S600 is unsold.

By the choice of material in watches, Omega “Speedmaster” series is a famous case. Speedmaster (Speedmaster) the world’s leading aerospace table, only been used on the moon watch. I believe the vast majority of readers, like me, this life may not really into space, but does not affect our right to intimate space dedicated watch. Since the only countries to achieve manned space flight, the United States and Russia in the world, so cheap Hermes jewelry the true sense of space dedicated watch (in space actually used) only a handful of paragraph three categories: unified US-Russian astronaut Omega Speedmaster, China has independently developed a series of FIYTA table space with a small number of Russian cosmonaut favored Fortis table space. Throughout the history of table space, and we need to go back the last century, 60 years, NASA has been looking for a space mission replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry wholesale capable even watch that can be used on the moon. After the primaries, the Omega Speedmaster watch with four other brands began demanding testing process, the final super win. Since May 15, 1965 Gordon Cooper (Gordon Cooper) driving “conviction VII (Faith 7)” spacecraft from the Speedmaster will accompany every US manned space missions.