Dai Meiya teamed up to launch the Russian royal bow and orange blossom jewelry series

Dai Meiya teamed up to launch the Russian royal bow and orange blossom jewelry series – Cartier Replica Jewelry
As an outstanding Italian master goldsmith jewelry, Damiani Toi Mayer has maintained a close working relationship with the eminent Russian tsar descendant.

Nicoletta Romanov Russian royal Romanov family Princess Natalia Romanov daughter, granddaughter, but also from between 1992 to 2004 September of the Romanov family head Nicola Romanovič Romanov Grand Duke. Nicoletta Romanov as Tsar Nicolas I of Russia and a direct descendant of Emperor Paul I, is also famous Empress Catherine II of Russia and Peter and offspring.Cartier Replica Jewelry.

This, Damiani Toi Meiya Nicoletta Romanov to launch two series of fine jewelry: Fiocco bows and Fiori d’arancio orange blossom jewelry series. And we want to explain today is butterfly knot design elements Fiocco series of fine jewelry.

“Decorative bow” as a continuous cycle applied to the European court jewelry fashion element, originated in the mid-17th century, Madame Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, the world known as Madame de Sévigné lift the Lady universally: first in court in France bow-shaped diamond jewelry worn on its female corset. Decorative bow smoothly so far in the tsarist court popularity, it is not only being used on the set of Amulette De Cartier Jewelry jewelry, but also directly sewn on clothes. Catherine the Great’s great worn daily and dinner wear jewelry inlaid gemstone jewelry also have use of a bow element.

Damiani (Dai Mayer) has injected new vitality into the traditional fashion, it creates the daily wear rose gold jewelry collection, and by the platinum and diamonds to create a more refined dinner dazzling fine jewelry line. Replica Cartier Love Ring.

Damiani Dai Meiya Fiocco exquisite fine jewelry at Valenza goldsmith master advanced technology, the perfect present. In carefully crafted mosaic rows of white diamonds it is cleverly embedded in the surface of the jewelry, used to emphasize platinum precious, eternal natural charm.

And Nicoletta Romanov is the masterpiece of this fine jewelry beautifully interpreted. The ever-popular European court jewelry bow again distributing element of modern fine jewelry dazzling charm.