Unlike gold, diamond production is relatively small, diamond resources in the world was almost monopoly of De Beers

A diamond as an investment “favorite” rumors, never can be heard without end. With the recent price fluctuations, especially the rapid growth of the demand of China diamond engagement ring, gold as a traditional investment varieties gradually loses its appeal. At the same time, the global diamond prices but a triumph. Despite the widespread optimistic about the investment prospects of the diamond market, but as the industry’s big brother, Shen Dongjun, director of psychic jewelry, but cautiously optimistic about this.
Since in the summer of 2011 up to $1900 an ounce, gold prices have replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry tumbled 30%. The crash also prompted the exchange traded funds (ETF) to support the emergence of physical gold funds outflow. But now investors are turning their attention to another valuable material, diamond.
In recent months, it has been possible for the first time to become a real asset class for the first time around the diamond has been gradually enhanced. Unlike gold, diamond production is relatively small, diamond resources in the world was almost monopoly of De Beers, Alrosa and Rio Tinto Group one of the three major suppliers.
Diamond investment market from the current point of view, the market supply is far less than the demand, the contradiction between supply and demand has brought the diamond prices all the way up. In the year 2010, the international diamond prices rose eight consecutive times, an replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry increase of more than 30%. Since then, although the diamond price did not like the 2010 surge, but steady rise, the increase is obvious, many investment analysts are optimistic about the diamond investment.
“Since entering the industry, diamond prices have been in a steady growth trend. In the past 10 years, the diamond began to pop in the emerging countries, and the demand is growing.” Psychic jewelry President Shen Dongjun introduction.
Although the distance from the May wedding season there is a period of time, but the market has Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry replicas been ahead of the heating ring. At the end of the 38 quarter, it is understood, psychic jewelry day sales reached 40 million yuan, a record high. And last month, the national direct marketing and franchise stores have a substantial increase in sales, an increase of 20.76% for the past two years, the best performance, which carat diamond sales increase is particularly evident.
This demand is from Chinese newly formed on the diamond engagement ring crazy blitz. The groom spend a lot of money to buy a diamond ring is a standard part of the engagement process. General replica vca bracelet letter group T.RowePrice global metals and mining strategy portfolio manager Rick de Los replica Van Cleef clover necklace Reyes said that just a few years ago, diamond for the Chinese people, is a strange concept. However, with the growth of wealth in China, and China’s one-child policy leads to reduce the proportion of male and female, Chinese women have found a can be said is a new best friend diamond ring.
Still, some analysts are skeptical that the diamond investment can be as simple as the purchase of gold or other precious metals. After all, gold ounce pricing in accordance with, and diamond grading should not only according to the size of their (i.e. carat weight), and also on their cut, clarity replica Van Cleef clover necklace and color (the diamond 4C), even in a certain extent upon on your point of view. Bain recently released a report showed that the four factors exist up to 1.6 million influence the price of each diamond combination, and with a certain degree of subjectivity, and the difference of value appraisal of the diamond range up to a maximum of 30%.
“The value of a diamond is indeed very difficult to measure, but in affecting the diamond grading standards and cutters accounted for 30% of the proportion, and the only directly influenced by human factors.” Shen Dong Jun did not deny the feasibility of diamond investment, but at the same time, he also put forward the importance of cut.
Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Israel, New York, the United States, India, Mumbai, is the world’s four largest diamond replica Hermes Clic Clac H bracelet cutting center. In Belgium to perfect cutters is known, the psychic jewelry is the world’s largest diamond cutting trade institutions (EDT) investment jewelry brand.
Diamond investment market has not yet formed a standardized and orderly order, identification and classification is still a lot of difficulty. Coupled with the uneven quality of the diamond market, consumer preferences can be fickle. This makes the diamond become a completely different from the gold assets, and attracts investors with a different philosophy.
Despite this, many people in the industry are still optimistic about the diamond investment. However, Shen also warned consumers not to blindly invest, to take into account the risk, but also to pay attention to the brand value. In his view, the diamond is not only a financial investment, but also a family emotional investment. That’s why he positioned the psychic jewelry as a collection for the next generatio

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