Hermes jewelry 2016 a poor start sluggish sales of all categories of non-leather decline

Cheap Hermes Jewelry
Cheap Hermes Jewelry

Fashion headlines news report: French luxury brand fake Hermes jewelry category in addition to the Group in the first quarter performance is quite satisfactory, the other product category sales were down, compared to double-digit growth last year, the latest quarter weak growth performance is slowing down.

As of March 31, Hermes leather goods sales rose 15.5%, silk fabric sales fell 9.5%, perfume sales fell 3.5 percent, the watch sales fell 3.3%, clothing and fashion accessories sales decreased by 2.3%, other product categories, including jewelry and home product sales fell 18.2%.

Some products Hermes kncokoff jewelry Group sales declined, the Group’s total sales for the quarter rose 6.1% to 1.19 billion euros, based on constant exchange rates, revenue increased by 6.2 percent, more than competitors KERING and LVMH Group’s revenue growth, KERING LVMH Group and organic growth for the quarter was 4%.

By region, on the basis of constant exchange rates, sales in Japan recorded a 12.6% increase, excluding Europe recorded a sales growth of 11.6%, including France, the French regional sales recorded a 5.6% growth in sales recorded in the United States of 4.4% growth in the Asia-Pacific region excluding Japan recorded sales of 3.9% growth.

Replica Hermes Collier De Chien Bracelet noted strong sales offset weakness in China’s Hong Kong and Macao sales, including sales of the watch category was particularly weak.

Hermes Group, noted that consumer demand for leather has continued, thanks to the newly added Isère and Charente two production plants. April 15, Hermes replica jewelry held a seminar in France Héricourt, decided to build a third production plant in eastern France.

Analysts pointed out that Hermes Group earnings growth slow significantly into the channel, the third quarter of fiscal year 2015 thanks to strong sales of clothing and accessories, sales rose 15.4% in the fourth quarter recorded a sales rise of 7.2%, while the 2016 fiscal year first quarter sales fell again, recorded a rise of 6.1%, far lower than the growth last year.

Group reaffirms due to the uncertainty of the international economic, geopolitical and currencies, Hermes clic clac h bracelet replica expects 2016 revenue growth may be less than 8% medium-term target.

The stock market value of about 32.5 billion euros Hermes Group remains the world’s fastest-growing luxury one company, according to the Deloitte & Touche report showed consumer brand resonance and measure the value of the rating, the number of Hermes luxury brand ranked third, ahead of Prada, Ralph Lauren and Burberry and other brands.

Online store to buy loose diamonds with ring care

Recently gold prices rise, the heat receded to buy gold, to coincide with Mother’s Day, some consumers are turning to diamonds. Buy diamonds, to increase the value of it? Reporters noted that recent diamond franchise businesses replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry play a “three-year commitment to repurchase 10% of the value” slogan, which attracted many people.

Consumer experience: online store to buy loose diamonds with ring care

Reporters in a diamond 4C Experience Center to see the interview, due to the opening coincides with Mother’s Day, many people choose to come to the Advisory diamond related products. “Mom had wanted to buy gold jewelry, but recently prices rise a lot, plus replica Van Cleef and arpels bracelet she has a lot of gold jewelry, so plans to buy her a Mother’s Day diamond jewelry.” Guo public representation.

“Consumers can first visit the website, choose their favorite loose diamonds, then to the experience center select or customize a personalized ring care.” The experience center responsible person said, because to avoid the large number of Distribution and inventory costs, and experience center in the office, the shops along the street is not high rents, plus purchase diamonds directly from overseas suppliers cut hands, eliminating the imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry need for other intermediate links, so more cost-effective diamond final consumers are only,. In addition, in its official website the public to buy diamond products also enjoy credit card installments, can choose three or six points, do not charge interest.

Interview that, in the country, the net purchase of diamonds is not common, but in foreign countries has become the choice of many consumers, is also a well-known foreign diamond electricity supplier to China opened a free shipping service.

Market Status: Diamond prices rose 7% -15% per year

It is understood that most of the sales of diamond jewelry from a few Hermes jewelry konckoffs thousand dollars to several thousand dollars, with wedding ring, for example, the price in the million or so, there are up to 70,000 yuan; set with small diamonds on the ring in the 2000-4000 yuan / month range; earrings price is around 2,000 yuan a pair. “I heard this diamond rose gold is also more stable than it, buy back, not only beautiful but also increasing the value.” Miss Bai Lingdu representation.

Insiders said: “Diamond unlike gold, rose not decline substantially 7% -15% annual rate of growth.” Interview was informed that, because of a stable store of value, appreciation function, to provide consumers with the brand a “small-for-big” service, in simple terms, it is assumed consumers had purchased a $ 5,000 diamond ring, the latter eyeing the $ 10,000 to make up the difference 5000 yuan will be replica vca bracelet able to get a new ring.

Some people proposed to buy a diamond ring much better hedge against inflation, appreciation of the problem, China University of Geosciences Professor jewelry Guo Ying said that want to achieve the purpose of revaluation, it is recommended to choose more than 1 carat.

There is no market price: 3-year business commitment to repurchase 10% appreciation

The public wants to invest in diamonds, the most concerned about is the realization and appreciation of space channels. So top diamond brand for loose diamonds launch promises “3 years 10% appreciation of repurchase” of.

For a long time, usually only diamonds in domestic liquidity through auctions or pawn channels, “the auction mainly for larger value, or more specific in itself relatively rare diamonds; and pawn channels can only get back 60% of the original principal amount of diamonds, most are around 50%, the value of diamonds and therefore have no market price, so we launched three years 10% of the value of the buy-back commitments and repurchase agreements signed at the time of the sale directly to the customer. “

Many people want to invest in gold, but there are a lot of misunderstanding

The price of gold has dropped, so it was around the corner. A female friend asked me several times: “I heard gold dropped, and I should not buy gold jewelry investment?”

Many people ask this question, so I usually answer: “If you Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry replicas want to have a love of gold jewelry, of course, now you can buy In fact, if you want to buy, any time if you just consider the investment to buy jewelry. perhaps most gold investments do not fly it! ”

China’s gold investment channels. Many people want to invest in gold, but there are a lot of misunderstanding. In the eyes of our people, usually we can see gold products are mainly gold jewelry. That many people have a misconception that buy gold jewelry, gold not only buy, but also wear, do both. But in fact, the price of gold jewelry in gold is much higher than the price of gold Gold Exchange, gold jewelry is not a good investment products.

Gold jewelry has aesthetic value, buy additional cost gold jewelry itself paid a very high replica Van Cleef and Arpels necklace purchase price and the intrinsic value of raw gold quite different. From gold to goldsmiths, jewelers to be processed, together with manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers’ profits, and finally to the purchase of the hands of all costs borne by the purchaser. When sold, these costs only buyers themselves, so the actual transaction cost of gold jewelry is very high. In addition, gold and silver jewelry in everyday use will be subject to varying degrees of wear and tear, if the old gold and silver jewelry, cash, its price is much better than the original component of the discount. If investors invest in gold jewelry, even if the world price of gold has risen a lot, you can not enjoy the benefits of rising gold. A lot of gold jewelry investment income investments Van Cleef replica earrings acquired, will consume the various intermediate cost.

For investors, the best gold investment products is the direct purchase of investment gold bullion. Bullion low processing fees, a variety of additional expenditure is not high, standardized gold bars can be easily traded worldwide, and most countries and regions of the world gold replica Hermes jewelry trade does not levy transaction tax. And gold is a global 24-hour continuous quotes in a timely manner all over the world can offer gold.

Investment in gold bullion need to seize the two main features: the international gold bullion price and the market price is very close; investors to buy gold bars can be easily cashed again. If the busy daily work, do not have enough time to focus on price fluctuations Hermes jewelry imitations in the world of gold, we do not want no short-term spreads on the pursuit of profit, but there are plenty of idle funds, the best investment in physical gold. After purchase, the gold deposited in bank insurance (assured protection) box long-term investment. Note that, bullion or BRIC purchase, be sure to confirm that the financial investment gold bullion, rather than “craft jewelry of gold bars”, the general process of the jewelry class gold bars can be purchased for a small collection, but not suitable as a financial investment goods. Only financial investment gold bullion is the best choice for investment in physical gold.

Of course, if the hedge, but also hope to collection or gifts friends and family, you need to consider the shape of the beautiful, the Lunar New Year gold bars, gold coins, also can be considered.

Unlike gold, diamond production is relatively small, diamond resources in the world was almost monopoly of De Beers

A diamond as an investment “favorite” rumors, never can be heard without end. With the recent price fluctuations, especially the rapid growth of the demand of China diamond engagement ring, gold as a traditional investment varieties gradually loses its appeal. At the same time, the global diamond prices but a triumph. Despite the widespread optimistic about the investment prospects of the diamond market, but as the industry’s big brother, Shen Dongjun, director of psychic jewelry, but cautiously optimistic about this.
Since in the summer of 2011 up to $1900 an ounce, gold prices have replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry tumbled 30%. The crash also prompted the exchange traded funds (ETF) to support the emergence of physical gold funds outflow. But now investors are turning their attention to another valuable material, diamond.
In recent months, it has been possible for the first time to become a real asset class for the first time around the diamond has been gradually enhanced. Unlike gold, diamond production is relatively small, diamond resources in the world was almost monopoly of De Beers, Alrosa and Rio Tinto Group one of the three major suppliers.
Diamond investment market from the current point of view, the market supply is far less than the demand, the contradiction between supply and demand has brought the diamond prices all the way up. In the year 2010, the international diamond prices rose eight consecutive times, an replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry increase of more than 30%. Since then, although the diamond price did not like the 2010 surge, but steady rise, the increase is obvious, many investment analysts are optimistic about the diamond investment.
“Since entering the industry, diamond prices have been in a steady growth trend. In the past 10 years, the diamond began to pop in the emerging countries, and the demand is growing.” Psychic jewelry President Shen Dongjun introduction.
Although the distance from the May wedding season there is a period of time, but the market has Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry replicas been ahead of the heating ring. At the end of the 38 quarter, it is understood, psychic jewelry day sales reached 40 million yuan, a record high. And last month, the national direct marketing and franchise stores have a substantial increase in sales, an increase of 20.76% for the past two years, the best performance, which carat diamond sales increase is particularly evident.
This demand is from Chinese newly formed on the diamond engagement ring crazy blitz. The groom spend a lot of money to buy a diamond ring is a standard part of the engagement process. General replica vca bracelet letter group T.RowePrice global metals and mining strategy portfolio manager Rick de Los replica Van Cleef clover necklace Reyes said that just a few years ago, diamond for the Chinese people, is a strange concept. However, with the growth of wealth in China, and China’s one-child policy leads to reduce the proportion of male and female, Chinese women have found a can be said is a new best friend diamond ring.
Still, some analysts are skeptical that the diamond investment can be as simple as the purchase of gold or other precious metals. After all, gold ounce pricing in accordance with, and diamond grading should not only according to the size of their (i.e. carat weight), and also on their cut, clarity replica Van Cleef clover necklace and color (the diamond 4C), even in a certain extent upon on your point of view. Bain recently released a report showed that the four factors exist up to 1.6 million influence the price of each diamond combination, and with a certain degree of subjectivity, and the difference of value appraisal of the diamond range up to a maximum of 30%.
“The value of a diamond is indeed very difficult to measure, but in affecting the diamond grading standards and cutters accounted for 30% of the proportion, and the only directly influenced by human factors.” Shen Dong Jun did not deny the feasibility of diamond investment, but at the same time, he also put forward the importance of cut.
Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Israel, New York, the United States, India, Mumbai, is the world’s four largest diamond replica Hermes Clic Clac H bracelet cutting center. In Belgium to perfect cutters is known, the psychic jewelry is the world’s largest diamond cutting trade institutions (EDT) investment jewelry brand.
Diamond investment market has not yet formed a standardized and orderly order, identification and classification is still a lot of difficulty. Coupled with the uneven quality of the diamond market, consumer preferences can be fickle. This makes the diamond become a completely different from the gold assets, and attracts investors with a different philosophy.
Despite this, many people in the industry are still optimistic about the diamond investment. However, Shen also warned consumers not to blindly invest, to take into account the risk, but also to pay attention to the brand value. In his view, the diamond is not only a financial investment, but also a family emotional investment. That’s why he positioned the psychic jewelry as a collection for the next generatio