In addition to the surge in gold stocks, real gold and gold financial products also appeared a rare selling situation

Two-way fluctuations in the RMB to increase the moment, with a safe haven function of gold is sought after. In addition to the surge in gold stocks, real gold and gold financial products also appeared a rare selling situation. Because of concerns about the weakening of the purchasing power of the RMB devaluation, many investors began to buy gold to deal with, through the purchase of gold to avoid the devaluation of cash.
At the same time, the current gold market prices are also at a relatively low historical lows, but also have a greater appeal. Driven by a strong purchasing power, gold market prices also rose. Financial experts suggest that, for replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry high net worth customers as the value of gold varieties, can be configured for a long time.
“This year there are more investment emergencies, a bit complex.” Chinese aunt Wu Yu (a pseudonym) told reporters.
On August 11, the people’s Bank of China announced the reform of RMB central parity price formation mechanism, in the next 3 days, the central parity of RMB exchange rate from 10 dollar against the $6.1162 fell to 13 against the US dollar 6.401 yuan, decline of 4.66%.
Devaluation of the RMB will not only lead to fluctuations in the global economy, but also affect the investment behavior of Chinese aunt Wu Yu.
Fortunately, Wu Yu reaction quickly, she told reporters: “the devaluation replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry of the RMB, I thought of buying gold hedge. August 11th to 13 during the Shanghai gold exchange gold T+D rose 5%.”
Pick up the gold
Wu Yu said: “the sale of RMB denominated accounts through the banking channel costs slightly higher, through the exchange traded gold ETF lower cost. I bought 10 thousand gold ETF funds through the exchange.”
Like Wu Yu, the choice of investors is not in the minority. Reporters from the bank and China’s gold and other agencies learned that the recent sales of investment products is rising gold.
“Do not yet appear in 2013, when huge buy gold phenomenon, but recent number replica van cleef and arpels necklace of small and medium size gold bullion sales have increased significantly.” Shanghai, a Chinese gold shop clerk told reporters.
“Gold’s safe haven demand is picking up.” Wang Lixin, general manager of the World Gold Council China district director, said, China’s gold investment market in the end of June after the stock market rebounded after a significant rise.”
Wang Lixin further analysis, which reflects a part of investors in the stock market to make money after adjusting their portfolios, choose to buy gold. There are some investors feel that the stock market is a big risk, looking for more secure assets such as gold to do distribution.
July, gold demand continued to improve, including jewelry processing enterprises and banks replica cartier love bracelet are reflected in gold jewelry, gold investment products in July sales situation is good. It is worth noting is that the central parity of RMB active after large devaluations and Renminbi denominated gold prices rose more than 5%, investors should recognize that gold is a resist devaluation risk is very good tool, this may also cause more consumers pay more and more attention to the gold. ” Wang Lixin said.

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