Specifically, lipstick as a “cheap non essential thing”, can play a “comfort” role to consumers

For the Chinese art auction market, this year’s “winter” is not easy. Although the painting and calligraphy market price still in there, the overall market is still in the doldrums and in this year’s autumn auction, we can see the replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry auction began to rise. And in the eyes of the market, this may be the art auction market lipstick effect”
“Lipstick effect” is a name in economics. Specifically, lipstick as a “cheap non essential thing”, can play a “comfort” role to consumers, especially soft and moist lipstick touch the lips of the moment. At the same time, due to no longer have the overheated investment and income is lower, the hands of the people but will appear “little spare cash, buy cheap non necessary”. In the industry view, under the current economic and market environment, the funds will be to avoid the high priced art, low-cost art turnover rate but higher, compared with the tens of millions and billions of painting and calligraphy, porcelain replica vca art, general jewelry not only lower prices and demonstrated by wear of collectors grade, which undoubtedly played a “comfort” of the role.
According to incomplete statistics, this year autumn auction, Hong Kong Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Tiancheng, mainland China Guardian, poly Beijing, Beijing Kuang, Shanghai Jing Hua, Shanghai Jiatai etc. auction houses have opened up a special jewelry auction. At the same time, we also see the major auction houses in the jewelry auction, have also launched a new variety.
In the year Tiancheng International Autumn Auction in, 25.79 KT natural Sri Lanka without the color processing cobalt spinel with diamond ring is ever sold at auction on the greatest discoloration cobalt spinel. Spinel color will appear blue in the sun, incandescent light replica Cartier jewelry showed purple, kind and charming; Christie’s Hong Kong autumn auction, “crimson flame” diamond crown vast audience. The diamond ring inlaid with a gold 15.4 carat pillow shaped natural Burmese pigeon blood ruby, in the history of Asian auction are very rare so big pigeon blood ruby and so on.
From the point of view of the auction market in recent years, the top jewelry record high prices can be said to mean that people are on the jewelry auction market to restore confidence, the seller believe senior jewelry may take replica Cartier jewelry a satisfactory price, and potential buyers are also on the high-end jewelry market prospects for the future confidence.
And the purchase of ordinary jewelry is just to wear compared to, jewelry  investment pay more attention to it in maintaining and increasing the value of the side, which requires the jewelry with perfect flawless and Zhenhan characteristics, which replica Cartier jewelry wholesale with the ordinary jewelry has a great difference. As investors, in addition to master the general knowledge to identify the quality of jewelry, but also to the international closer to the concept of jewelry investment. Especially now auction jewelry basically are configured the certificate, e.g., diamond certificate GIA, IGI, colored gemstones in the certificate a GRS, these certificates can undoubtedly in the greatest degree guarantee jewelry quality, but also makes the collectors for the jewelry to have better understanding.

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