Jewelry national brand development strategy

Jewelry national brand development strategy
Diamonds in Belgium, Italy’s gold jewelry, enjoy a high reputation in the global jewelry industry. National brand image, representing the quality of high quality, exquisite workmanship and deep jewelry culture. For jewelry business, they are both the national brand support, but also the beneficiaries of the national brand. China’s jewelry market, platinum, gold, diamonds and other jewelry consumption ranks among the world’s top, China has become the world’s attention in the diamond, artificial gems and jewelry inlaid important base. With the deepening of the process of global economic integration, more and more foreign jewelry business into China, more and more Chinese jewelry enterprises go out of the country to enter the international market, replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry establish the concept of a “national brand image” should has very important practical significance.
Our country is a big country of jewelry industry, the future of the world “jewelry processing center” should be a not too distant reality. National and social stability, sustained and rapid economic growth, jewelry consumption market has great potential, jewelry industry agglomeration effect highlights, passed through the primitive accumulation of many jewelry enterprises continue to mature, “China”, “China Pearl”, “Chinese jade jewelry industry in the world to enjoy a certain reputation,” China’s jewelry “how called out the slogan of the world is China’s jewelry industry colleagues need to think together and for the important task of the work.
Diamond cutting and grinding in the “Chinese workers” is one of the world recognized superior industry and trade, industry and trade, but for the diamond processing enterprises in our country, because it is the main materials processing, make the processing fee, on “Chinese workers” understanding may be orders, rarely ascending to our national culture. The Chinese people are industrious and brave, smart wrist and diamond cutting is a unique advantage. “Chinese workers” “Kung Fu” is Hong Kong bestluck Trading (1974) Co., Ltd. of advertising language, combined with the national culture and national brand promotion enterprise brand propaganda is worth using for reference.
“China Pearl” in the international pearl industry in high visibility, but for most replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry consumers, the main is a production of the largest, the price of a synonym. “China Pearl” delicate texture, luster, the quality is absolutely first-class, jewelry grade pearls are a lot of low grade pearls are not covered by the illusion of a main reason. Secondly, the “China Pearl” is not consistent with the characteristics of our cultural position, the lack of “Diamond forever, a permanent spread,” the concept of marketing. Pearl maternal love philosophy, pearl of the material and cultural attributes of organic combine, has been recognized by many people outside the industry, faced with the introduction of the 2008 world the 100th anniversary of mother’s day and Chinese mother, people look forward to “China Pearl” can bring huge business opportunities to enterprises in Pearl, to a state of ceremonies of the Chinese culture to add a luster.
China is the world’s first country to exploit the use of jade, jade culture implication and interpretation of China’s traditional ideas and excellent moral character. Chinese jade carving craft unique, exquisite, crafts for the people of the world love and competition collection. In the hearts of the people of the world and all the children of the Yellow Emperor, Chinese has become worthy of the name “jade country”. The games of the XXIX Olympiad will determine the emblem carved jade “Chinese seal, dancing Beijing”, the Olympic medal by the design scheme of “jade”, they are replica Van Cleef Arpels jewelry bearing the weight of jade character and the Olympic spirit, to show the world the brilliant Chinese jade culture. “Chinese jade” can carry the national culture of our country more widely to the world, we need to include many of the jade industry’s efforts.
In the exchange and cooperation between our country and the international jewelry enterprise, we have learned a lot of advanced technology and management experience, accumulated a lot of talents, and opened up a new idea. China’s jewelry processing technology is relatively strong, the team has been growing, and good policy and market environment, a lot of well-known foreign jewelry companies have been or will vca replicas¬†be transferred to our factory. China will become the world jewelry processing center, “China’s jewelry” represents not only the scale of China’s jewelry industry, whether a generation of national characteristics and excellent quality of the connotation of the brand, the same need us deep thinking and unremitting efforts.
Our country jewelry enterprise brand, our country jewelry area brand, our country jewelry national brand, all need to have the brand strategy and the plan, the management. No corporate brand, regional brand and national brand has become the castles in the air. No national brand, regional brand, corporate brand can not become an international brand. Whether it is jewelry brand, jewelry regional brand or jewelry national brand, brand strategy requires enterprises, industry associations and governments at all levels to study, explore and actively practice. Let us work together, in order to realize the great power of jewelry industry in our country to strive for a strong country.

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