Are you with the foreign luxury brands have been in contact and exchange?

At present, many domestic brands are still popular, if these brands are still 30 years later, it will gradually become a luxury brand. In fact, I am not going to “create a Chinese luxury brand,” now that this sentence is not yet ripe. In the current process, I must first have the luxury of genes, then put into practice through a number of concrete actions towards the goal of a luxury brand. Now the reason I proposed this idea, because they are aware of China’s rapid development in recent years, consumption upgrade, many young white-collar workers only luxury brand similar Plaza enclave “feel powerless and frustrated.” As a domestic brand, as long as there is when the family who expect the luxury temperament, the pattern of brand introduced its own brand grafting, so that consumers can not only feel luxurious but affordable, which is to meet consumer demand for the brand point of interest.

Reporter: So in your opinion, to become Red Dragonfly Chinese domestic luxury brand, to work hard in what areas?

Qian Jinbo: In fact, the luxury brand is called “luxury”, because it is very expensive, very few, most people can not afford. Red Dragonfly luxury brands now want to move, we have to work hard in terms of brand content, replica Van Cleef Arpels jewelry technology, space design store standards and service, so that consumers feel value for money. It is our goal to basic skills.

Reporter: For a long time, the concept of luxury is given is that they are produced by skilled artisans in Italy or France, this art from generation to generation within the family. It can be said that luxury is also a national and cultural attributes. Also, for luxury goods, the quality is a basic condition, place of manufacture, and history tends to give more meaning and more value luxury. So some people say, it is impossible to produce in China luxury brand. You have to see how?

Qian Jinbo: This is a misunderstanding. First, Gui cheap issues. The Cartier jewelry replicas current situation is the European brand in the country gives us the feeling is very expensive, not expensive is not a luxury. But for the Chinese luxury brand, is my understanding that there are quality, but not expensive. So luxury does not mean expensive.

Second, say local property can not create a luxury, it is a misunderstanding. China has 5,000 years of cultural heritage, we have the Terra Cotta Warriors, Forbidden City, no matter from which perspective, China all have a cultural history of the precipitation luxury brand generated; only in the material life of luxury is slowly nurtured, like British gentleman, is to rely on time to slowly edification.

Reporter: Are you with the foreign luxury brands have been in contact and exchange?

Qian Jinbo: frequent communication. Luxury brands in recent years we popular saying. In Italy, France, the brand after a century of development of material culture, gradually reflected in the spiritual level, their products, such as Ferragamo, is to the daughter of the founder named, put the brand as their own daughter slowly nurtured. The brand is worn to a certain class of people, the number of production does not matter, replica Cartier love jewelry because this is a personal hobby, so insistent a long time, and finally became a luxury brand.

However, the current situation of China, our brand decided to “first big post stronger,” we need to wait a few years later, there will be a lot of Chinese luxury brands to emerge. I believe there will be that day. Now many international brands of window design, POP shooting, adopted a large number of Chinese cultural elements, so I believe that our country’s geographical and cultural properties are luxury do, despite the need to wait, but must be able to appear.

Reporter: Culture on luxury goods is on the one hand, wholesale replica Hermes jewelry on the other hand, is advocating a way of life, which is advocated by Red Dragonfly lifestyle?

Qianjinbo: We have been in shaping Red Dragonfly “nature-friendly” features. Because the dragonfly itself is very natural, very free, very affinity. See dragonflies, we will want to pursue, in the pursuit of fun in the process.

Modern people to buy luxury brands, there are two phenomena, one is no matter what the product characteristics, anyway, I can afford; the other is that he must first understand the product’s brand spirit will buy at the time of purchase.

Red Dragonfly brand which brand to the future evolution of style it? For now, we consider the main consumer preferences, because there is only like my own is not enough, historical, scientific and technological content and brand content settling down too little. Over time, national strength, the Chinese people for the recognition of domestic products will gradually increase. It will be more pragmatic, consumer psychology will be more mature.

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