Due to CHF Expo “suspected fraudulent agency business activities on behalf of, Xiamen City Council office sent appraisal representatives involved in the investigation

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According to the Xiamen Daily reported, 2009 China (Xiamen) International Jewelry Gold Jade Expo not upon application for approval is a convention and exhibition company in Xiamen fraudulent use of the name of Fujian Province gem association and Xiamen City gem association’s own investment activities.
The end of November and early December, Fujian Province and Shanghai, replica cartier love jewelry┬áZhejiang, Guangdong and other more than 80 enterprises received a report entitled “2009 China (Xiamen) International Jewelry Gold Jade Expo invitation fax, according to the letter, the Expo will be on April 8 – 10 day period and the 13th Taiwan Trade Fair also in Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center held. Units in support of Xiamen municipal government, China International Trade Promotion Committee, Xiamen Branch, organizer is Jade Association in Fujian Province and Xiamen City gem association, organization is a named ruilang Expo Exhibition Co., Ltd. (Xiamen) enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the “Swiss francs Expo”). On the invitation of the booth fee of the price tag.
Xiamen gem association first issued a written statement, said that he is not the organizers. Subsequently, replica Cartier jewelry wholesale the Taiwan Trade Fair Organizing Committee also issued a written statement, confirmed that this exhibition has not been authorized by Taiwan Trade fair.
Due to CHF Expo “suspected fraudulent agency business activities on behalf of, Xiamen City Council office sent appraisal representatives involved in the investigation. January 9, “ruilang Expo” legal representative, general manager Jo admitted, were certainly not by the relevant departments agreed, a direct hit on “support unit” and “sponsor” in the name of the first.
Xiamen City on behalf of the evaluation points out, the exhibition company of the invitation issued at the same time, and no application for approval, also is to say that the Expo itself is false. Secondly, the exhibition company has not been authorized, is a tort. Fair trade, replica cartier love bracelet Siming District Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau relevant responsible person said, according to Xiamen City anti unfair competition regulations, ruilang Expo “issued invitations to have false facts, actually constitutes a acts of unfair competition.
9 pm, ranlo Expo in written form to the Xiamen Municipal Council office and puts forward measures for improvement, including in writing to the invitation to be false to the organs and units and received invitations to more than 80 companies apology and clarify the truth, and to educate the staff etc..

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