Inventory Queen gorgeous jewelry

This is a Victorian brooch by Gerald jewelry company made in 1856, it is actually by the Turkish Sultan gave her transformation from a piece of replica Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry. In 1953, at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria brooch worn on her daughter’s body.

One of the highlights of the British Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee celebration was an unprecedented show queen’s jewels. On June 30-July 8 and July 31 to October 7 in Buckingham Palace exhibitions Let us appreciate these private Her Majesty’s jewels.

This one is a small crown of Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1897 on the 60th anniversary portrait wearing. Although the crown studded with diamonds around 1200, but its small size, replica Van Cleef & Arpels fake jewelry light weight, which is the reason for the queen’s favorite crown of.

This 18th-century stone box for blood Prussian King Frederick made. It is studded with some 3,000 diamonds to represent flowers, insects and musical instruments.

This article was Cartier Replica Jewelry originally crowned necklace to Queen Victoria made, but so far there are four queen on his coronation worn this necklace. This necklace is composed of 25 small to large diamond-shaped petals joined together in the middle drop-shaped pendant is a 22.48 karats of diamonds.

While Williams brooch inlaid middle is the best pink diamond ever found. Canada Geology Dr. Williamson in 1947 in Tanzania found a diamond stone, and presented to the then Princess Elizabeth as a wedding gift. In 1953, Cartier diamond inlaid jewelry company to have 200 in the small diamond-shaped brooch daffodils.

In 1947, when the 21-year-old Princess Elizabeth’s birthday in South Africa received a necklace. Five years later, Gerrard Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Necklace jewelry companies removed from the 6 diamond necklace, at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth again made this bracelet.

The exhibition is (the largest diamond found) the first time from the Cullinan diamond cut out nine in seven diamonds together again, on the remaining two diamonds in the crown of the Tower of London collection. This seven diamonds are inlaid in a ring, three necklaces and brooches. In 1905, it was discovered the Cullinan diamond Fengyun in Pretoria, South Africa, its original stone 3,106 carats.

Most are familiar with this queen of diamonds for the crown is actually the 1821 coronation of George VI made. Inlaid with 1333 diamonds on the crown, including a 4 kt canary diamond. From these diamonds have a pattern composed of roses, thistles and two mulberry leaves and grass in England, Scotland and Ireland national emblem.

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