Fun To Dress wild Iraqis Thousand Faces

Recently, Greater China’s premier boutique department store Lane Crawford brand new exclusive introduction replica Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry and fine jewelry line, cutting-edge design and the distinctive styles of interest caused by wild, so that consumers enjoy the French style, while adding more rich jewelry selection.

Fun To Dress wild Iraqis Thousand Faces

Founded in 2006, Ofée the fine jewelry brand from Paris, Wo take between light and eternal inspiration trend among fashionable interpretation of understated French elegance, modern women show the spirit of independence, so that each piece is the exquisite work lit urban life all the time.

The exhibits do not even Calverd Ofée iconic multi-series products: Brindilles series concise slim diamond chain to replace the traditional earrings, dazzling brilliance pouring down from the ears, Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica swaying Lightness, facial gestures show the beauty, but also the the first launch will be the trend of the Paris iT girl of choice.

Diamonds Pendant achievement DIS-MOI OUI series with its bright colors and a teardrop-shaped fashion design, with 18K gold tri-color material, subtle gestures convey love.

Deconstruction remodeling jewelry art

Has always been bold and avant-garde and subversive ideas famous Maison Margiela, in 2014, return to the field of jewelry, full of tension MM12 bring fine jewelry line. Committed to exploring a common vision of fashion boundaries, Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Necklace Lane Crawford presents blockbuster exclusive for domestic consumers Maison Margiela Classic Series – “Anamorphose”.

“Anamorphose” series aims to capture the fleeting nature of aesthetics, flow lines sketched out the true nature of pure, and for eternity legend, art jewelry reshape make an unprecedented bloom fresh vitality.

Ofée fine jewelry line was Lane Crawford stores in Beijing and Shanghai for sale; Maison Margiela fine jewelry line will be formally launched in the end of June Lane Crawford Beijing, Shanghai stores synchronous launch. This summer, your romantic encounter with a French design, all in Crawford.

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