A full-featured unmanned vehicle reportedly also 30 years to the road

A full-featured unmanned vehicle reportedly also 30 years to the road, which is responsible for Google unmanned vehicle project in March this year, Chris Urmson said. If the government in the development of unmanned vehicles regulatory belated, then again, this time undoubtedly will be longer.

In order to urging the government policy on a little faster, Cartier Replica Jewelry five are in the process of development of unmanned vehicle technology companies on Tuesday to form a new organization – to make the streets safer unmanned Union, five companies including Google, two carmakers Ford, Volvo, as well as two taxi service Uber and Lyft.

This is a lobbying team. Team leader is David Strickland (David Strickland), Cartier Jewelry Replica who will serve as the new union legal adviser and spokesman. Earlier, he worked for the Federal Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) work, that is, Strickland on behalf of the five companies to lobby the former owner.

The biggest advocates of this new alliance, or in the unmanned vehicle safety. Strickland said: “US unmanned technology will make the road becomes safe, but also to reduce congestion.” It also had to advertise with Google unmanned vehicle selling almost the same, think the technology can reduce traffic accidents United States happened.

According to the US Department of Transportation (DoT) in January of this year, Minister Anthony Foxx statement, the US Department of Transportation will launch a guide Ordinance 7 months ago, and continue to listen to opinions from all sides to perfect the next time. Even if the final nationwide regulatory distant future, but six months to develop preliminary guidance regulations, still looked relatively fast.

Not everyone is optimistic about the unmanned vehicle technology. Federal Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that the head of Mark Rosekind, unmanned vehicles to increase their security, Replica Cartier Jewelry it would also bring new risks. At the first hearing on the 8th of this month, there are a lot of people also have such concerns, including that early unmanned vehicles could be used by terrorists to make weapons.

Balance these concerns and continue to promote technology companies, it is one of the efforts of the US government to do. Unmanned vehicle technology from the biggest promoter of Google’s perspective, and the other four companies formed an alliance means that Google seems to have an unmanned vehicle on the law in this matter the government began to compromise. Previously, Google unmanned vehicle but that the need for additional legislation.

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